Improve the Customer Experience on Your Website

Five tips to improve the customer experience on your website

Often when a company wants to improve the customer experience on its website the basics can get overlooked and they look for costly solutions. The problem with this is, if some of the fundamentals are missing, this can see in the investment being wasted or at the very least its potential not being realised.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel; we need to keep it simple and revisit these points frequently. I believe these five points could also just be called good housekeeping.

  • Correct versus common – I have written a separate piece on this, but are you guilty of using the correct words to describe something and not the words your customers use to search for it?
  • Missing pages, broken links, 404’s and 403’s – When you remove the page from your website do you remember to remove the links within your site that pointed towards it? Do you also remember to set up redirects if you move the location of something?
  • Insightful descriptions – When selling online it is highly possible that your customer has never held your product in their hands. Does your description and product details cover things like
    • Size, measurements and weight
    • Colour or colours available
    • Fabrics and materials
    • Suitable uses
    • How long the product may last
    • What it is compatible with and what it is definitely not compatible with
    • Benefits of this product verses something else
    • Care instructions
    • Ease of use
  • Photos and videos – do you show your products from multiple angles or even better still in a video?
  • Delivery returns FAQs how to contact – is it easy for your customers to find this information on your website?

Actioning these five points could have a significant impact on your conversion rates. We frequently hear that potential customers do not follow through on sales, because they were unsure about something to do with the product, how long it might take to arrive, or what they would do if something went wrong.

If you want help improving the sales on your website, get in touch to book a free 30-minute call, so we can explain how we can help.